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I will also teach you about nutrition so that you can achieve a perfect balance of steel-hard muscles and lean, fat-free body measurements! Yes! With the system it is possible to lose weight. A slight calorie deficit will help you.

Only the 3x5 training is slightly different, consists of 3 sets with 5 repetitions. It is suitable for cracking plateaus or, if you have a lot of experience, from 6-12 months of training experience.

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For beginners

You don't need steroids, expensive food supplements, but you need some basic equipment if you want to train at home. You should also have certain equipment if you want to train in your own gym. All in all, however, it is an almost free alternative to commercial systems.

I am also pretty sure that there are many people who associate barbell strength training only with muscle mountains & bodybuilders. But that's not the case!

The routine should also motivate those, who have concerns about weight training with heavy weights!

Whether old or young, the program is an excellent way to strengthen the health of the body. Here you will find further advantages of healthy muscle training.

Stronglifts 5X5 Training in German

If you are interested in the Stronglifts 5x5 training in German, you will also find my experiences, a training plan and of course information about a proper diet!

5X5 Training Plan Advantages

The system helps you to do this because the training volume is divided over 3 days. These training sessions themselves are short and crisp, yet intense & deliberately include short breaks.

Unlike many other programs, 5x5 training does not require you to train 5 times a week. No, on the contrary: You should only train a maximum of 3 times a week to avoid overtraining and to allow your body enough time to recover at the weekend.

Keep your breaks short, too. For example, 1.5 minutes are recommended at the beginning, 3 minutes later, then a maximum of 5 minutes to crack plateaus and find the right 5X5 training break time.

It is advisable to keep the total training duration short, which happens naturally through the program itself & lasts about 30-45 minutes.

If you want to train at home, you also have the advantage of not having to spend time going to the gym. Rather, you can train directly in your accustomed environment.

Since you only need one barbell for the complete 5x5 training plan, the equipment usage is manageable, see also href="">Training equipment.


Do five full-body exercises:

  • deadlift
  • squats
  • overhead pressing
  • bench press
  • rowing

Everything is done with a barbell.

There are no mirror muscle exercises like Captain America bicep curls, butter fleece, or extra abdominal muscle exercises.

Believe me: If you get into the range of your simple body weight, which you squeeze from the squat, you will have sufficiently strong stomach + back muscles!

Training days:

Training takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Sunday's break.


Perform all exercises with 5 times 5 repetitions + sets = 5 repetitions + 5 sets.

The only exception is the crucifix lifting. You do this exercise with one set + five repetitions = 1x5.

Reason: here the load is extremely high due to the high weight!

Linear increase in weight:

This method increases the weight per session (training day) by 2.5 kilos per exercise. For cross-lifting: increase by 5 kilos, as this is done less often.

Start with a light weight! Otherwise you get to a plateau too fast and you give up!

Even experienced people are recommended to start with the empty Olympic barbell bar during all exercises. The only exception again is the deadlift: on the left + right two 20 kg discs are recommended, with an approximate take-off weight of 40-60 kg in total. Otherwise you won't have a usable height to lift and it will probably take you a long time to achieve increases in this discipline.

For lighter or older persons it is recommended to use less weight to start with the cross lift, while placing further plates left & right under the weight plates in order to achieve a better height for gripping.

5X5 Training plan


Workout is divided into two training sessions, day A, day B.

Training day A consists of:

  • squats
  • bench press
  • Barbell Rowing

Training day B consists of:

  • squats
  • overhead pressing
  • deadlift

Depending on the training day you change between training day A & B for the method.

Week 1 would look like this

Monday Wednesday Friday
Training day A Training day B Training day A
Squats 5*5 Squats 5*5 Squats 5*5
Bench press 5*5 Pressing overhead 5*5 Bench press 5*5
Rowing 5*5 Crucifix lift 1*5 Rowing 5*5

Other names

The workoutsystem is also known under other names.

Sometimes it is also called 5x5 method, 5x5, 5x5 program, 5x5 system or 5*5 routine. But it means the same thing!

Wrong sequence of exercises

Sometimes the recommendation "5X5 Kreuzheben Bankdrücken Kniebeugen" can also be found on the Internet - but unfortunately this is not true.

The correct sequence in the workflow system is always knee bends, bench presses, Crucifixion!

Hazard and safety

Still unsure if this is all right?

Then read this article about the dangers and how to avoid them. The biggest danger is your EGO! And in this article, I'll also explain if that's safe. My experience and that of thousands of others confirm grandiose muscle building, fat loss and safe hard workout.

Healthy nutrition

Nutrition is important to maximize your success. Healthy food, sufficient calories & a toxin-free diet are recommended.

For beginners

The method is just right for beginners! For beginners there are however a few small things to consider, which I summarize to you in this article to the topic 5X5 training beginner Tipps.

exercise equipment

Which training devices are necessary ?

If you train at home, you don't need much:

  • barbell
  • Weights approximately up to 1.5 times your body weight.
  • A rack, power rack, knee bend stand so you can train safely.

  • A bench where you can lie down while pressing the bench.
  • A window stand helps you to keep your apartment tidy.

Get your hands off those cheap weight benches. Once you're stuck under the barbell bar, you'll do some very fun and uncomfortable exercises to squeeze yourself out.

Because this Chinese garbage has no emergency storage like a power rack.

Getting suitable workout equipment is not expensive!


Read in this article how my 5X5 training experiences are & were! I'll also give you tips on which exercises you can do and which sports equipment you should avoid. And of course, there's also some ironic criticism of the 5X5 training.


Find out the alternatives to 5X5 training in this article! Of course you are not forced to do only whole body exercises, you can of course supplement, shorten or extend the program according to your ideas. Since this program is especially for beginners, I recommend to behave exactly according to the routine.

Strength Training Beginners Tips

Visit the article, and learn more about the area of confusion, gym, and coach.

full body workout

Heavy weights, full body exercises, hard & regular but nevertheless short, intensive workout is the key to success.
The strength training system combines regeneration and proper nutrition to achieve muscle mass and strength gain. It is therefore an excellent whole body workout.

Linear increase

The system carries out a linear increase in weight. What this is, find out here: linear increase in 5X5 training. Other expressions are: Linear Progression / Progressive Loading.

Strength training with machine or barbell

Which is better? Machine training or barbell training during strength training? If you want to know the disadvantages. important to you. I'll explain why I prefer the barbell to the machine in this system.

Lies of the fitness industry

Various fitness magazines will talk you into a lot of nonsense through advertising and styled camera models, so that your own insecurities in the system can hinder you. Don't let these lies of the fitness industry reach you! Read this: Fitness industry lies.


Find out in the following article how I recommend warming up while training 5X5. You shouldn't neglect the warm-up!

Plateau cracking

Yes, it is also possible to reach a plateau. In this article I describe how you can crack a muscle building plateau.

break time

There are only 3 different break times during the workout: 90 seconds, 3 minutes and 5 minutes for the exception. You'll find out everything here: break time.


Countless mistakes have to be avoided and the right technique has to be learned. Don't hesitate and watch the technical videos immediately! Even if you are interested in crucifixion, you are in good hands with the technical videos!


Unfortunately it shakes me again and again - I read many times in well-known forums and well-known sides this FALSCHE REIHENFOLGE!

Yeah, that's it. The wrong procedure is explained...

  • Wrong:

Heavy knee bends not at the beginning or not at every training time.

That's right, I did:

  • ALWAYS and without exception, start each exercise with squats - yes, warming up beforehand is ok.

But everything else hinders Simply your success and comes as always from the usual "Bro-Science" universe - wherever it belongs.

Heavy squats are THE exercise that produce the strongest growth hormone output (what a word...), forcing not only your legs to explode and mutate, but your whole body!

This concentrated hormone charge flushes your entire system with endogenous growth hormones, so that all muscles that will be used in the future will grow even faster and better.

In principle, you could also start with crucifixion, as this also represents an enormous hormone output + strain for your CNS - but after all research, literature, discussions, own + foreign experience, squats are even more suitable!

I could explain the whole thing to you in more detail, but the book "Body By Science", for example, already has 300 pages of that ... I don't want to bore you with.

Let's make it clear again! We do:

  • short, hard workout.
  • Maximum success in a short time
  • Spend minimal time in the (home) studio to have time for really important things!
  • Don't sweat so much 😉

We can only achieve this with the right sequence and a successful, proven system.

So: ALL training days start with the "leg training" - which in principle is a comprehensive training. Trust not only me, trust all enthusiastic followers.



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