I will now explain to you what difficulties beginners have who have discovered strength training for themselves and want to train for the first time or start a strength training.

The area of confusion

Simply taking a few dumbbells or weights in your hand is something practically anyone can do.

Squeezing into a machine also.

But then it is difficult to link this with a functioning program.

Just as progress is rarely recorded in a training diary. So you can see if you're making progress.

Likewise, it is difficult to stick to one program and not switch from one program to another after a few weeks.

Because often, one selects a program by means of Google, tries it out for a few weeks, and often throws it down disappointed.

In many programs, if they are ever pulled through, there are mostly too many exercises, too many repetitions, and the training is also done on too many days.

In many routines, equipment training is often recommended, or even described, so that one is forced to visit a gym.

The inexpensive training at home with a simple barbell is therefore not possible in many routines.

You are also confused by routines and plans that recommend split training or training 4-5 days a week. Training so often is of course possible at the beginning if you are a beginner. But already after a short time and a few weeks, this training will burn you out.

Remember: Good and correct routines, such as the 5x5, can be done at home, and you can cope with a few exercises as full body exercises. And more than 3 days a week training you don't need and are counterproductive!

The gym

The next problem, which especially beginners feel in the field of strength training, is directly when visiting a fitness studio. obvious: muscle mountains, most of which have been training for years, weaken the self-esteem directly.

The body then quickly warps into the cardio corner and sweats on bicycles and treadmills.

Strength training is then quickly left behind.

It is even worse if the ego is in the way and you start with weights that are too heavy. This allows you to injure yourself if your body is not yet used to the weight.

Remember: Even if you visit a gym, don't be intimidated! Strength training is part of an effective workout to transform your body into a steel-hard muscle mountain!

Cardio machines bring you almost nothing, except a great hunger for fast carbohydrates, after training.

You won't build any visible muscles with it. Maybe a few thick thighs after hours of sweating on a cross-trainer.

But squeezing your own body weight out of its squatting position, believe me, is much more impressive! And to achieve this, you don't have to sit on a boring machine for hours five days a week.

Three times a week strength training, as with 5x5 training is enough!

Trainer in the gym

Many trainers in a gym are simply overwhelmed with the number of visitors.

The consultation is short, unfortunately not in the desired and sufficient depth.

So that the studio also makes enough profit, you as a visitor are forced into machines so that as many people as possible fit into the studio.

The trainers themselves therefore have less work to do and need even less time to check and observe.

You can imagine that exercising with free weights is more demanding and therefore more effective for muscle building and training than training with machines.

The control by a trainer would also require more time. (initially), so more staff would have to be hired.

Unfortunately it is a pity, because basic whole-body exercises are quickly explained, so that you can practice them for a long time with only little correction.

But well. It takes longer to explain the correct knee bend in 5 minutes than to get the correct height set in 30 seconds in a machine. Sad, but reality a thousand times a day in Germany.

The coaches in the gym don't all have to be really bad.

I'm sure if you spoke to them directly, they could show you the right movements and exercises for crucifixion, bench press and knee bends.

So if you're going to a gym, ask the trainers directly to show you the basic 5x5 full-body exercises!

Train with free weights instead of machines

Do not allow yourself to be squeezed into equipment or machines and demand that they teach you how to train with the barbell!

Start with light weights, increase step by step to the top, and realize: training with free weights is effective, and correctly executed extremely safe, gentle on the joints, and effective for muscle building!

In contrast, if you train in machines, you may do more damage to yourself, i.e. make up for it.

Monotonous movements, moderate intensity, and frequent repetitions, in the wrong position, strain your body, tendons, and joints!

The Budget

In is the price of the equipment when you train at home, or the membership in the studio at a beginner a problem?

I don't really see it that way.

If you want pure training without much supervision, there are already memberships of 20-30 € in average studios.

Make sure that these studios have a powerrack so that you can continue to play even as the You can train weight safe.

A home studio is equipped with a very small budget:

  • Barbell bar and approx. 100 kg weights are available for 200 € (concrete weights).
  • A powerrack is already available for about 300 €.
  • And a bank for 50 €.

No, you don't need pretty sports shoes.

You can train barefoot! Just have a look at RIGHT Powerlifter on Youtube - flat or no shoes... And I'm not talking about the quick milliseconds olympic weightlifters. I mean RIGHT truck-tyre balancing powerlifters!!!!

Barefoot training is the best way to stand firmly and safely for the heavy exercises such as crucifix lifting and knee bends. The 100 € saved for the pretty Nike trainers, you can invest in a safe power rack.

With it you can train for an unlimited time!!!

And if you want it even cheaper, you can see if you can get the products used.

Don't tell me you need new weight plates 🙂

Do you need a Powerrack?

Maybe not at first, but after a few weeks you will appreciate that an emergency rack can protect you from being crushed by a barbell.

Especially with knee bends and bench presses, proper equipment is a safety factor.

Exaggerated expectations

Every person is different.

Some people can eat the largest amount of food waste, and still stay slim.

Some people only look at barbell bars and get thick chest muscles 🙂

In some cases, certain areas of the body simply grow faster and others slower (brain and biceps 😉 ).

That's why: You have to set your own goals and work on them!

Renounce it, I know it's hard to measure you against others! Measure yourselves against your targets!

If there's no other way, measure yourself at least with the people who have the same body weight as you and also the same training experience and training time behind you.

Another good instrument to compare personal performance is to use the ratio of moving weight to your body weight as a factor.

Simple example: if you weigh 100 kg and manage 100 kg in the knee bend, then you have reached the simple body weight. If you can lift 150 kg at the crucifixion, then you have reached 1.5 times your body weight.

If you now look at the training experience and the training time of the athletes, you can compare yourself very well with each other.

It makes absolutely no sense to compare the weight of bench pressing of a 50 kg thin asparagus with that of a 100 kg heavy athlete. Even if the 100 kg athlete consists of 30% fat and the 50 kg asparagus 10% body fat, the heavy athlete will have significantly more musculature, and thus also more weight can move.

Nor does it make sense to compare yourself with glossy models or steroid bodybuilders.

By the way: If you've been training with heavy weights for more than a year and you can't see this in your body, you're either training absolutely wrong (too often, too easily), or you don't eat enough calories and the right amount of proteins, proteins and fats during the day.

bottom line

The 5x5 training is suitable for training in the studio, as well as at home.

You get by with just a few full-body exercises, don't need expensive equipment, and only have to train about two to three times a week.

There are no confusing routines or complicated training plans.

Successes are already visible after a short time, and you can transform your body in just a few months!

I mean RIGHT transform!!! Not just "5cm" more biceps circumference in 4 weeks....

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