In this article, I'm trying to explain the fitness industry lies to you. Countless fitness lies try not only to confuse you, but also to keep you from succeeding. Don't let them talk you into expensive, often ineffective supplements, lack of feeling and overpriced training equipment.

#1 Many exercises to bring success

You are often blinded by fitness magazines, which try to convince you of numerous exercises and also numerous repetitions, with which you should reach the best form of your body.

For the masses of everyday people, absolute overkill!

It does well in magazines, it does well in books, but for the majority of people, training is too frequent, too intense, involves too many exercises, and the risk of loss of motivation and frustration is increased. Because, to put it simply: Despite all the time in the studio, your muscle and strength growth is modest.

And nothing makes you more unsuccessful than demotivation and frustration!

It's often the case that you get insecure and intimidated by all the routines that can be found in numerous fitness magazines.

#1 Muscular men to motivate

I don't know if you regularly read bodybuilding or fitness magazines.

I've never read bodybuilding magazines in the past, and I never will. What's the point? It's all nonsense and commercials, anyway. And to be honest: I prefer to look at erotic women than at almost naked men dressed in underpants. It doesn't motivate me that much.

#2 Our diet is the shit

But I can only laugh about their split routines and the constant (disease-causing!) advice on how much wholemeal products, bread and cereal products to eat, according to my current state of knowledge about training and nutrition.

Yes, even false information can earn a lot of money. Including a lot of bad news. Conscience and a lack of awareness, which is generated in the readership, that they are not enough for the world.

But still, you can't avoid to see corresponding photo models on the covers on websites or in the magazine shop.

In these magazines, routines are deliberately photographed that in the long run only work for athletes with previous sports experience who can train with them five times a week. Read here about 5x5 training nutrition and finally over with ill making nutrition.

#3 Take our supplements

The general public will very quickly stop being frustrated with these routines and convince themselves that they are not genetically predisposed to build muscle mass, or that they need special dietary supplements or steroids to achieve muscle growth.

In addition, it is also the case that most supplements are ineffective, and of course often overpriced. Steroids are also extremely dangerous!

You don't need all this: Larger muscles correlate with greater strength growth, and only through greater strength growth can you reach larger muscles.

And to the good end everything comes out on hard, short and intensive training!

Ok - luckily (most of the time) nothing happens with the talked-about supplements except an empty purse - and the money thrown out would have been better invested in real 5x5 strength training supplements, which bring something. Excitingly, they are easy to use, hundreds of times investigated in countless studies and helpful.

#4 Our fitness models always look like this

Even outside the studio?

The photo models, which is often concealed, usually use special dehydration techniques, use steroids, or have a tender age of five years already started to do strength sports regularly!

The 5x5 training is also aimed at beginners who have never held a dumbbell in their hands before in their lives. And want to do visible muscle building.

And last but not least, everything is put into the pretty light by graphic artists, photographers and lighting, and later edited on the computer by Photoshop, and probably also certain muscles somewhat larger than they are in reality.

None of them have ever managed to lose 20 kg of bacon on their ribs or transform from an average office worker to an athletic body in just 3 months.

#5 With our tricks and tips for abbreviations

The deceptive illusion creates a sense of deficiency, shame or insecurity in you, so that you think that only by buying supplements, tricks and shortcuts you can achieve muscle growth.

In addition to this problem of pleading nonsense that you need artificial foods to get better results, we also have the problem of wrong routines.

#6 Successful training is complicated

Successful strength training is regular, easy to use, and is limited to only a few but all the more important full-body exercises.

You will not become strong and muscular if you do 37 different exercises, 17 of them on five different consecutive days. On the contrary: you get tired, sluggish and need regeneration time. Your susceptibility to injury will increase, and you will probably get colds more often. All signs that the body's burned out.

Proper strength training feels good! It provides you with energy and vitality, and when done briefly, intensively and crisply, it makes you not sluggish, but refreshed. Okay, we're not getting muscle ache. conjured away:-)

#7 Shock your muscles

With the new XYZ method...

Also the topic with the "Shock your muscles", or "Create always new training stimuli by alternating exercises" is also a mystery, and belongs to the realm of legends: If you want to give your muscles something new, try lifting more weight than last time. It's going to upset her a lot.

Really, I still wonder how much they try to make you insecure. Complicated routines, innumerable exercises, and unproductive supplements to talk up.



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