How do you build a barbell rack / barbell rack from beer crates or water crates at a barbell bench?


The beer crate hasn't turned into a barbell rack yet. I bought this now...


Expensive barbell racks? Expensive barbell racks? No room for a power rack? A friend of mine put me up to it. Approx. 150 kg can withstand ONE box.
At the moment I am at about 45 kg bench press 3x15. So there's plenty of room...

1st expansion stage - Beta version of the barbell rack / barbell rack with water box

In the photo my 1st expansion stage of my beer crate / water crate barbell rack for my barbell.

For the dumbbell rack made of water crates / beer crates I recommend to fix the crates with tension straps.

I wasn't the only one with the idea, by the way.

But I wanted a rack for bench presses and barbells.

The dumbbell rack made of water boxes is still a bit fine-tuned.


Beer crates Water crates Barbell rack
Beer crate Water crate Barbell rack

Beer crates Water crates Weight bench
Beer crate Water crate Weight bench

Beer crates Water crates Dumbbell rack
Beer crate Water crate Dumbbell rack

beer crate dumbbell rack

water box dumbbell rack

beer crate weight bench

Barbell rack Beer crates



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