In this article I'll tell you how I recommend warming up while 5x5 workout. In short: Warm up before training! But this can be kept really simple.

You shouldn't do this in a really complicated way and I keep it very simple.

Don't make it so complicated, 2-5 minutes is enough!

I know some people don't get along with a simple "warm up a bit" answer and want the exact method and instructions. Here you have two choices:

  • Grab the barbell bar, just put half the weight you'd train with on it and do 10 to 15 squats. It pumps blood into the muscles and the body, and warms you up sufficiently.
  • Or knee bends with 20% and then 10% less weight than usual. Here however only 3 repetitions and a pause time of approx. 90 seconds. Example: Target training weight is 100 kg squats. Heating weight: 80kg, repeated 3 times. Pause 90 seconds. Then warm-up weight 90kg, repeated 3 times. Pause 90 seconds. Then your training weight of 100kg,

Warm-up targets

There are two big goals for me:

  • First you prepare your body for a heavy load BEFORE.
  • ADDITIONALLY you prepare your body and also your CNS (central nervous system) for the physical and psychological strain!

Not only do you double reduce the risk of injury, you also increase your potential performance by activating your CNS and cardio-vascular system!

Stretching before and stretching after the workout

I'm not a friend of Stretch before training, but that's for you to decide.

Some light stretching after the workout and some massage will help you recover faster.



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