Learn proper 5x5 training technique for the most important exercises.

Pay attention to the technology and clean execution, even if it sometimes hangs, especially with heavy weights - this is normal. Now try session to improve your technique.

I watch professional videos several times, and when I'm better and cleaner, I work on other exercises. Then I watch another video of the professionals, think about what I can do better.

The best 5x5 strength training technique would be of course, you would have someone to teach you the RIGHT live on site, but who always has?

I like to learn best from videos, because I can best look at the weak points and improve with me. Surely there are countless books and photos. But:
1 picture says more than 100 words, and a video says more than 1000 pictures!

So let's start with the best links and addresses for 5x5 technology.

They're English videos, but you can understand it easily. Believe me, simple school English will do.

You should watch the videos best several times, and later every few weeks times.

Bench press technology

Omar Isuf, HOW to Bench Press Properly: For Strength, Size and Function

<font color=33mjoyc5JbE>-=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=- Proudly Presents

Omar, #1 BENCH PRESS TIP for Triceps + Fixing Shoulder Pain

5x5 crucifix lift technology Deadlift

The 5X5 Training Crucifixion is interesting for you and you want to really learn 5X5 Crucifixion?
Then I'll give you the hand tool with this article.

Note Omar, he will show you exactly how to train and where to pay attention to the most important points.

I know the video's in English. But just trust these PROFIS to learn the correct technique!

What is also extremely important for you: Learn the clean technique at the lightest possible weight. This would be with an Olympic barbell left and right each 10-20kg and the bar with 20 kg in the However, it would be better to practice with the empty Olympic barbell in the beginning or to work with very light "Bumper Plates".

Omar Isuf How To Deadlift With Omar Isuf Deadlift Technique

Elliot Hulse Deadlift Technology

Elliot also shows you in his video the correct 5X5 Crucifixion technique!

For me these two are "The Shit" by the way - because they can explain super well, are cool dr up and give a lot of helpful information - beyond the usual confusing "Bro" bodybuilding fuss - and that fits exactly to the 5x5 training! You see here, too:

  • light weight, but "right" olympic height
  • "Simple aid": The stick!
  • And the student trains BARFUSS!

Barbell Rowing Bent Over Rows Technique

Elliot Hulse, Bend Over Rows Form [Behind The Scenes: Elliott Hulse's - YouTube (It is sometimes recommended to run them slightly lower)

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Omar Isuf, Pendlay Row (Bent Over Row): Strength + Size in Back, Traps and Lats

Squat technique, Squats

Omar Isuf, How to SQUAT Correctly: Proper Form for Building Muscle + Strength

<font color="#ffff00">-=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=- proudly presents

Elliot, Should Your Knees Go Past Your Toes When Squatting?

<font color="#ffff00">-=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=- proudly presents

CanditoTrainingHQ, How To Squat With Perfect Form

Overhead Press Overhead Press Technique

Omar Isuf, HOW TO Overhead (Military) Press: Best Exercise For Building Shoulders + Strength


Kraftrainig Fails

Why to use an emergency tray or power rack at home

1Five10, Fail 315 bench

<font color="#ffff00">-=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=- proudly presents


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