Which 5x5 Training Supplements and Nutritional Supplements are suitable? How can you optimize your 5x5 strength training with supplements?

So you decided to cheat? Welcome to the club of shortcuts, cheaters and high-flyers.

But I'm honest and direct to you: Most strength training supplements don't bring anything except an empty purse DIR, but the manufacturers get a lot of money (if you subtract the whole advertisingchnickes).

It is often problematic that with some supplements an effect is possible, but this is only accompanied with high dosages - and then partly with noticeable and audible side effects - the keyword here is flatulence with Whey as an example.

Other supplements are too low in dosage - so they do not help at all. Example ZMA or BCAAs... A piece of good beef from grazing and a portion of chocolate provide you with enough BCAA and zinc.

Many others are simply overpriced and the money would be better invested in sensible healthy nutrition.

After this now boring introduction, it IS still ONE supplement, which is not only extremely effective for unbelievably many athletes, it is spot cheap and has been tested in countless international and even German studies.

No, it's not Whey. It's not BCAA. It's not ZMA. It's not maca powder.

It's creatine!

Creatine is the only NEM (nutritional supplement) that really brings proven and safe success! Watch out for Creapure Creatine / Creatine (100% quality!)!
Creatine Results

How does taking creatine affect me? Excellent. In the self-experiment MIT and without creatine and corresponding pause between the ingestion phase and no ingestion:

About 10% more exercises are possible: more pullups, pushups, curls, etc...

Sore muscles are 1/3 less after hard training. The recovery period is shorter.

More endurance and more energy and regenerate yourself faster.

I even praise this supplement for hard endurance sports such as mountain hikes or Via Ferrata.

To put it another way: Creatine gives you more bumps, and the bump comes back faster!

Creatine side effects

But I have to say, you gain about 2-5 % more body weight through muscular water retention. I had about 2 kilos. However, this is beneficial for the musculature.

What to consider with creatine / creatine

  • Please drink the usual 2 litres of water per day. This allows the body to excrete excess creatinine easily.
  • People with kidney problems should not take creatine.
  • You don't need a recharge phase, which can lead to mange problems or diarrhea if you don't drink enough. Take it regularly in small amounts (3-5 grams per day). After one or two weeks you will notice the difference.
  • There are also non-responders. 20% of people don't notice a difference with creatine.
  • Special creatine blends are moneymaking - and even if they are, they bring only few advantages.
  • You don't need grape juice as a transport matrix.
  • Use warm water to dissolve creatine. However, the water must not boil, since creatine loses its effect at temperatures above 60 degrees.
  • Please buy only good quality, as from Creapure. So you have tested German Degussa goods, high quality, acceptable price and high quality...

Capsules are nice and practical, but too little and too expensive.

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