Yes, now I'm criticizing the 5x5 method! And I hope you understand the irony behind it.

And now comes the disappointment:

5x5 training is not a method to lose a double-digit body weight in four weeks!

You're not gonna look like the models on fitness magazines after four weeks.

Because all these models are either experienced athletes, using steroids, or possibly special dehydration techniques, or all together to look good on the cover photos. And of course the best light, technology and photographers.

You need (unfortunately) discipline

But we belong to the big average of the crowd!

That's why we have to get used to regular training and should also train regularly!

Of course, nobody prevents you from looking like the cover models with an optimal diet and regular training.

However, this takes some time in most cases!

You need (some) time

Allow yourself this time, because this will strengthen your training success and also increase your motivation!

Depending on the regularity of your training, you can achieve over a longer period of time to reduce your body weight easily and effortlessly!

Don't forget, in fact what you lose with most short-term training protocols or diets is practically just slag and water that is sweated and flushed out of your body.

If you were to do it correctly and measure the effectiveness of a workout or diet change, you would need to measure your body fat percentage and weight before, during and after the workout or diet.

Who's doing this? Of course, the fewest athletes do this, and also the fewest sports or nutrition magazines.

It doesn't really make itself particularly striking and easy to read, when successes are not really measurable. And don't really last long either.

I'm sorry, but the reality is that a transformation of your body just needs TIME! And diligence and continuity and regular training and clean diet.

But, you don't have to over-complicate it!

From salad shrinks the biceps

5x5 is not a way to triple your biceps within a few weeks!

My goodness, if that's what you want, you're really in the wrong place. Grab a can of creatine, eat as many carbohydrates a day as you can, the best is nutrient-free, highly glycemic white bread, noodles or pizza...

Pump yourself up every 3 days with biceps curls and 3x15 repetitions... Hey... the rest of your body will flaccid, but your biceps will multiply.

In a manner of speaking, in 6 weeks you will become Captain America des McFits: thick arms and thin legs.

You don't (unfortunately) have to go to the studio 5 times a week!

You don't have to be at the gym five times a week, and you don't have to spend your entire evening at the gym. Of course you can. It's in front of you. I had once heard it would be a quite pleasant climate there in the studio.

To complete the training successfully, you only need to train three times a week, later when the load increases significantly and you brew more regeneration, even about twice a week!

You don't have to spend all your training with 25 different exercises for one muscle group.

So there are few, but enough intensive whole body exercises!

The training is hard, short, regular and intensive! And can even be done at your home.

Was that the 5x5 training review? I hope so. The irony behind this is that you "don't" have to go to a studio, you don't have to train 5 days a week, you just get visible and noticeable results in but everything requires some time and discipline.



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