At 5x5 training plateau reached? What can you do to crack a strength plateau? I'll tell you how to crack a 5x5 training plateau. You can't put on weight forever. You will eventually, depending on your constitution, experience, genetics and training, reach a strength training plateau.

5x5 Strength Training Plateau Cracking Tip 1

You do one exercise, but you can't do all five repetitions in one exercise? If you don't manage to complete a sentence completely, treat yourself to a 5 minute break instead of 3 minutes and you will almost effortlessly complete the next repetition.

Sometimes it is just that your body needs a longer recovery time between breaks. I don't recommend taking more than 5 minutes off.
What you must never do is reduce your weight within one session.

Tip 2

If you are unable to complete 5 sets (1 set for crucifixions) with 5 repetitions correctly in 3 workouts or sessions in a row, you will reduce the total weight by 10% for this exercise in the next session.

Important: ONLY for this exercise, which you failed 3 times in 3 different sessions, you reduce the future weight by 10kg.

Example, you have the plateau with knee bends:

Session 13, 50 kg squats:
5x5 knee bends at 50 kg correctly completed.

Session 14, 52.5 kg squats:
5 times done, 3 minutes break.
4 times done, 3 minutes break.
3 x done, 3 minutes break.
4 times done, 3 minutes break.
4 times done, 3 minutes break.
At the next session the weight remains at 52.5 kg. The exercise was unsuccessful.

Session 15, 52.5 kg squats.
3 x done, 3 minutes break.
4 times done, 3 minutes break.
2 x done, 3 minutes break.
1 x done, 3 minutes break.
1 x done, 3 minutes break.
At the next session the weight remains at 52.5 kg. None of the five sentences were successful.

Session16, 52.5 kg squats.
5 times done, 3 minutes break.
5 times done, 3 minutes break.
4 times done, 3 minutes break.
4 times done, 3 minutes break.
3 x done, 3 minutes break.
This was the third attempt where you didn't manage the weight to complete 5 correctly. Now you reduce the weight by 10% at the next session.

Session 17, 5x5 knee bends at 47 kg. 52.5 kg not 5x5 managed - 10% = about 47 kg.

Session 18, 50 kg squats.

Session 19, 52.5 kg squats.

Session 20: 55kg knee bends - done!

Tip 3

Often the linear progression is too strong. So instead of 2.5 kg and 5 kg, change to 1.25 kg and 2.5 kg linear weight increase. But you do THIS only when you have 3x in 3 sessions the weight not cleanly managed.

It is important that you do not wildly switch between the plateau breaking tips, but test a method that works for you.

Tip 4

Switch to the 3x5 training protocol. But also here: You shouldn't do that until about 6 months of training experience. And if you can make about the weight of your body easy on knee bends. It just goes without saying that you don't train less for comfort and time reasons. Especially the 5x5 system is suitable to achieve fast and lasting successes and to use your time economically.

Tip 5

Yes, even if all steps fail, check your diet. Do you eat enough healthy calories? Do you avoid toxins in your diet?

Tip 6

Supplements. Yes, there are 5x5 training supplements that work and are sometimes extremely cheap - for the success they can produce. Other are simply too expensive and you would invest the money better in a good kilo of beef from grazing... That's what I mean.


Do you get enough sleep? Do you sleep deep enough in a cold, dark room without electrical appliances and mobile devices turned off? Can you do without fighting drinks this weekend? Can you do without tobacco and alcohol completely?


Check out the 5x5 training technique videos! These are the best videos I have found for every exercise on the Internet. Get a mirror or record yourself with your iPhone to see what's wrong. Don't be afraid to spend the money on a personal trainer.


You must be aware that any additional exercise can slow down your increase in strength and muscle mass. Nevertheless, there are a few exercises that are suitable to crack strength training plateaus. Simple, difficult pull-ups (backpack with weight plates inside) can help you get better at bench press because they take up a lot of muscle.


Sometimes your body just needs more time. Maybe it'll take four weeks and you can't set a new record. And then it clicks and you get 10% more. That's normal. Especially with high weights your body needs a longer adaptation time for the load.

My recommendation to crack a training plateau

  • Step 1: Short-term break of 5 minutes.
  • Step 2: 10% "Deload" during the problem exercise after 3 sessions
  • Step 3: Linear increase to 1.25 / 2.5 kg instead of 2.5/5 kg
  • Step 4: 3x5 Training
  • Step 5: Nutrition and supplements, recovery
  • Step 6: Technology
  • Step 7: Additional exercises
  • Step 8: Leave time

bottom line

If the nothing helps, accept that you train naturally and that your body may have reached a limit for the first time, which is difficult to overcome at first.



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