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Are you interested in steel-hard muscles trained only three times a week or the 5X5 training plan PDF?

  • Are you looking for an uncomplicated routine that is suitable for strength training beginners and beginners?
  • Are you frustrated and confused by countless bodybuilding routines, too many different exercises that won't get you anywhere?
  • Do the terms intensity and volume confuse you? Don't you know if you should do 3X10 or 3X15 repetitions and what's better?
  • Are you still trying to find the "right" balance of repetitions and sentences, unsuccessfully?
  • Don't you enjoy training with machines or don't you feel comfortable with them?
  • Would you like to train at home in the comfort of your apartment?

Then the 5X5 workout is the right opportunity for you to build muscle mass and gain brutal strength.

Hard muscle and barbaric power with the 5X5 training plan

Hard muscles and barbaric increase in strength in a few weeks with only three training sessions a week?

That's right.

If you are afraid of this, please continue to visit the cardio machines or treadmills in the gym...

  • This is about intensive training with heavy weights and tough results!!!

Do you need a studio? Not absolutely necessary! In the 5X5 Training Ebook I explain everything you need. Maybe you will also be surprised how little equipment and training devices you need at all...

And: You are not dependent on the times of a studio, and do not have to pay high monthly fees.

5X5 training plan as PDF

5x5 Training Ebook

I'll tell you:

  • What are the advantages of the 5X5 training.
  • What 5X5 training looks like.
  • What the diet should look like during 5X5 training.
  • What 5X5 training equipment do you need when you train?
  • What equipment you need when practicing at home to train safely.
  • Why strength training is so healthy.
  • For whom the 5X5 training is suitable.
  • Why we want a hybrid build-up of muscle mass and strength gain.
  • Why free weights are advantages.
  • Why whole-body exercises are so important.
  • Why the fitness industry is lying to you.
  • Why your ego might get in the way of your successes.
  • What a plateau is and how you deal with a plateau.
  • How you transform the office stallion in you into an athletic body in just 3 months.
  • How to learn the ideal form through videos from the best coaches in the world!

You want a six-pack? More muscle mass, unnecessary fat loss, and a world-class body?
You can do it too!

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The right system

Your body gets fitter, naturally!

  • You don't need expensive supplements.
  • No more confusing routines, complicated exercises and contradictory advice.
  • No more overtime and long after-work hours at the gym!

So you can live your life instead of living in the studio.

Is 5X5 right for you?

  • Are you unhappy with the results you get from your training?
  • Do the routines of numerous bodybuilding and fitness magazines overwhelm you?
  • Are you a beginner who has just discovered strength training?
  • You want a simple but effective routine that gives you security and motivation?

Then the method is definitely right for you.

You will

  • Safe & effective reduction of unhealthy body fat.
  • Build healthy and visible muscle mass.
  • Spray more power, endurance and vitality a day.

Let's get to work!

best regards

The Team of 5x5training.de, Alexander, Katsiaryna, Devas and Mehdi

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BONUS 1 - 5 weeks 5X5 training plan PDF

5 weeks 5x5 training plan PDF

5 weeks 5x5 training plan PDF

The simple training plan explains the principles, the increase and everything you need to know for a successful training!

You're good to go. The training program is as simple as the rules sound.

But one should not be deceived, because already after a few weeks one achieves a great training success through regular training and progressive progression.

So you can go straight to the first five weeks get going!

BONUS 2:16 weeks training diary XLS

16 weeks 5x5 training plan training diary XLS

16 weeks 5x5 training plan training diary XLS

Record your successes in an easy-to-use XLS file. Do can effortlessly record your successes, control your records. It's best to simply print them out and enter your peak values for each workout! Motivation and success guaranteed!

It includes a sample training and of course your training diary to print out.

Log your training successes for 16 weeks! You can of course also edit the Excel XLS file and note your progress in it if you prefer to save your successes electronically.

BONUS 3: Optimal Health with the Paleo Diet PDF

Optimal health with the Paleo Diät

Optimum health with the Paleo Diet

  • Are you interested in a healthy lifestyle? Are you looking for an uncomplicated nutrition guide that is suitable for beginners and beginners?
  • Are you frustrated and confused by countless health tips in TV and newspapers and don't know what's good for your health anymore?
  • Are you still trying to find the "right" balance of healthy food, unsuccessfully?
  • Don't you enjoy a classic diet or don't you feel comfortable with it?
  • Are you unsure what you can eat without worrying?
  • Confusing complicated recipes and diet plans?

If you answer even one of these questions with a "Yes", this guide is perfect for you! We will live more in harmony with our Stone Age genes and develop a diet and lifestyle that will make us healthier and more resistant to disease. A healthy and long quality of life is the goal.

For you there is this incredible report as a free bonus!

BONUS 4: Paleo Diet Nutrition Pyramid PDF

Paleo Diät Ernährungspyramide

Paleo Diet Nutrition Pyramid

Get the Paleo Diet Nutrition Pyramid as an Ebook. Uncovered! The right strategies for healthy eating! How to lose weight with simple ingredients, gently and safely.

Discover the most important elements about nutrition in an easy to use guide.

The clear graphic helps you to find your way around immediately!

BONUS 5: 7 HEALTHY LOW CARB food for a flat stomach PDF

7 HEALTHY LOW CARB food für a flat belly

7 HEALTHY LOW CARB Food for a flat stomach

I give you the report: 7 HEALTHY LOW CARB Food for a flat stomach.

Discover 7 foods that make you slim, 7 foods that control blood sugar and 7 foods that provide healthy energy without making you tired or tired!

Get going now!

Enthusiastic? That's 5x5. Training just right for you! Get your 5X5 Ebook now!

You get the grandiose 5x5 training plan Ebook PDF with all information to the 5x5 training, background knowledge, tips and advice and of course the 2 free bonuses, the 5 weeks 5x5 training plan, the 16 weeks 5x5 training diary, the Ebook Optimal Health with the Paleo Diet, the Paleo Diet nutrition pyramid and the 7 HEALTHy LOW CARB foods for a flat stomach report.

Steel-hard muscles, brutal increase in strength and a world-class body!

What do you get again?

You will get access to immediately after purchase:

  • The comprehensive 5x5 training plan Ebook PDF
  • BONUS 1: The 5 Weeks 5x5 Training Plan PDF
  • BONUS 2: The 16 week 5x5 training training diary XLS
  • BONUS 3: Optimal Health with the Paleo Diet Ebook PDF
  • BONUS 4: Paleo Diet Nutrition Pyramid PDF
  • BONUS 5: 7 HEALTHY LOW CARB foods for a flat stomach Report PDF

It's all very simple, as a PDF / XLS file, so you can easily read it on any device!

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Questions & Answers about the 5X5 Training Plan

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Secure order

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With me and my team you are always in good hands!

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I am sure with great self-confidence that I and my team will bring you to a new top form! Because 5x5training.de is the number 1 of the 5x5 training since 2013!

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