I'll show you what a 5x5 training plan can look like. You can find more information HERE in my ebook!

With the 5x5 training there are 5 whole body exercises (Multijoint-Exercises):

  • Deaflifts (crucifixion lifts)
  • Squats (Squats)
  • Overhead Press (also often referred to as Military Press).
  • Bench Press.
  • Rowing (Barbell Rows).

5 Sets and 5 Reps :

  • Simply put, the 5x5 method stands for 5 repetitions in 5 sentences.
  • So you do each whole-body exercise five times.
  • Then you take a certain break of at first 1 minute, later 3 minutes. Then you do the repeat five times again. Until you reach 5x5 sentences and repetitions.

The only exception:

  • You only perform 1x5 crucifixion, i.e. only 1 set with 5 repetitions. More sentences in this case would delay the regeneration and affect the other exercises. Muscle growth is not accelerated by too much crucifixion, but rather slows down, since the danger of overtraining increases.


The training is divided into two training units, Training A and Training B.

Training A

Consists of:

  • squats
  • bench press
  • rowing

Training B

Consists of:

  • squats
  • overhead pressing
  • deadlift

Depending on the training day you change between training A and B with the 5x5 method.

This is what the first week would look like

width="93">Wednesday Friday

Training A Training B Training A
Squats 5x5 Squats 5x5 Squats 5x5
Bench press 5x5 Overhead pressing 5x5 Bench press 5x5
Rowing 5x5 Cross lift 1x5 Rowing 5x5

Training plan muscle building 5x5: 3x training weekly

You train 3 times a week. For example on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and uses the weekend for recreation (and not for drinking comas!).

Linear increase in weight

The weight is increased linearly up to your first strength training plateau! See: Linear increase.

And here for 5 weeks

For easy understanding, I have put together a plan for the first 5 weeks. If you follow these, you will know how the training is structured.



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