During the 5x5 training a linear increase of the weight is carried out.
What I mean by that is that at each session you add more weight to the barbell bar and this according to a fixed rule. Simply put, you pack a few kilograms on each side with each exercise and each new session.

The only exception to this is the crucifix lift!

Since you do this only 1x5, and also usually only every two sessions, you add here instead of 2.5 kg, 5 kg more on it!

For all other exercises, add a total of 2.5 kg.

This may not seem like much to you at first, but after 12 weeks you will have almost 100 kg of knee bends, which is very crisp for most!

Stick to the rule. Success will show.

Progressive loading of weight / Linear progression

No tricks, no shortcuts. Routine and regularity are the key to success.

The easiest way to lift more weight is called "linear progression", or "progressive loading".

Fortunately, it's extremely successful! And in addition: extremely easy to use.

Of course you can't add unlimited weight after each workout. That would be practically much too easy, and our body doesn't work like that either.

5x5 training progressive increase

There will come phases and times when you will be able to grab weight slice by slice for weeks, great!

But there will also be times when you won't be able to put five kilos more on a dumbbell for weeks!

Don't worry, this is normal. A strength training plateau is a normal and there are numerous ways to crack these.



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