You may ask yourself the question: Are there dangers in 5x5 training? Is 5x5 training safe? What Is The Biggest 5x5 Training Danger ? How do I train safely?

First of all: the 5x5 training is totally safe! I've been doing it myself for years... And thousands of enthusiastic people too!

Still, there are dangers in 5x5 training that I will explain to you now:

Of course, you should check your current state of health and fitness level before every workout, and contact your doctor if you have any questions or medical problems.

Often a simple fitness check, a blood value test, and also to look sometimes whether your BMI is ok. Even though I am not a friend of BMI - (Oliver Kahn in his active time would have been SICK FATHLEIBIG!!!) it is still a first index for many normal athletes.

Your ego is your greatest danger

Even though training with heavy weights is very safe, there is a frequent risk of injury from your own EGO, which tries to move too much weight than the body can safely handle itself.

Beginners as well as advanced students have this dissonance between body and mind, claim, will and reality. Beware of it!

Everybody starts small, especially with light barbell bars. So you should really start with low weights!

Therefore: control the exercises, use weights that you can safely move, and always pay attention to your safe form.

Use safe training equipment

If you are training alone, it is extremely important to take care of your own safety and use safe training equipment, such as a Freerack / Powerrack with emergency storage.

5x5 training safe

The biggest 5x5 training hazards are:

  • not to have warmed you up.
  • to use too heavy weights
  • safe Form not to be adhered to
  • use unsafe incorrect training equipment without emergency storage.

The Greatest Danger

But the biggest 5x5 training danger is your EGO! You want to achieve success too fast - you don't learn the correct 5x5 training technique, you don't care about the correct 5x5 training diet.

That's why: Start slowly! Start with low weights. Suppress your desire to shorten something and in 6 weeks you will be able to achieve noticeable and visible results. (Almost) Guaranteed.



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