The 5x5 full body workout is extremely successful and effective as you do natural full body exercises such as crucifix lifting and knee bends.

5x5 training full body exercises

If you neglect whole body exercises during strength training, you will only be able to achieve great muscle mass or strength gain unnecessarily laboriously.

No, with bench presses you may build up a large chest, but neglect the remaining exercises, which you then try to balance with split routines, lengthy 3x10 volume training or numerous smaller isolation exercises.

So why not take up the old, proven and successful exercises that athletes have been using since 1950?

Your arsenal includes crusaders and squats!

Crucifix lift and knee bends with the 5x5 method

Crucifixion and squats are exercises that force you to learn balance and balance heavy weights. This addresses more muscle fibers and groups than machine training.

Using more muscles produces greater hormone output, more growth hormones means faster and greater muscle growth.

Heavy whole body training will force you to use the heaviest weight you can.

It will get you to contract as many muscles as possible at once.

Crucifixion and knee bends produce the largest hormonal output of growth hormones and testosterone.

And so you have the most economical strength training you can imagine.

5x5 full body workout

As a beginner you should not be afraid of exercises like crucifixion or knee bends.

These exercises should not be regarded as full-body exercises for advanced bodybuilders or strength athletes.

Heavy weights, full-body exercises, hard and regular but short and intensive training, is the key to the Success combined with regeneration and clean nutrition to achieve muscle mass and strength gain.

  • Training to failure, overtaxing your body, neglecting regeneration, or regularly eating nutrient-less miserable food are not the methods that will lead you to new performance heights in the long run!



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