In this article I will tell you about my 5x5 training experience shortly. Be curious! My name is Alexander.

I see myself as the most normal trainee there is. Short cut: I am an ordinary and natural person who would like to suggest the simplicity and effectiveness of this program to you.

Okay, I love training with heavy weights... Otherwise I would certainly not write this website! still...

No, I was NEVER a school sports enthusiast. No, I NEVER had an A in sports. (really never!)
And, I was even 25 kg overweight until 2011 (you can get more information about this at and here Paleo Diet Before After.

And I am honest: at the federal youth games I was mostly missing, sorry of course 😉

After a successful diet change, which you can find on, I discovered the 5x5 training for me in 2012.

I do it for fun, for a world-class body, and for my well-being.

But, now discover what I have experienced BEFORE the 5x5 training and tried out other training methods.

Is machine training effective?

Yeah, I used to do machine training, too. I never enjoyed it. Innumerable disadvantages of machine training can be found on the Internet. But, let me also tell you: There are also machine training advantages! You can train extremely well isolated, very guided and safe and also independent. However, it is not as effective and economical as it might be. Isolating exercises cannot and will not provide you with the large-scale success that barbell training with complex exercises offers.

Is the Theraband Training Effective?

In the past I have tried many programs myself for a short time... I had trained for a while with very strong Thera bands. However, three golden rubber bands to hold it in your hand, and to put it over your head, you won't have any fun any more. It's just not practical to hold these hoses in your hand, and you never really know how much power you're producing right now.

Are self-weighting exercises effective?

Sometimes I had weeks where I did weight exercises like pull-ups, knee bends and push-ups. Yes, self-weight exercises are excellent to get an athletic physique, but muscle mountains you will achieve there only with exception, and with tricks (attached weights as an example). And here, too: Eventually, difficult pull-ups with a weight vest or countless push-ups with 30 kg in a backpack on your back will no longer be fun. And it's more sweat than muscle mass... I'm serious. Trust me on this. I was there. WITHOUT gimmicks and toys like chains, backpacks, headstands and other action poses, you'll get the typical skater figure or gymnast figure, but there won't be any muscle mountains. And it takes an incredible amount of time. It's just not effective. And if you want to do it effectively, you need this expensive "toy"...

  • TODAY, by the way, I still like to do pull-ups. Because pull-ups are one of the few self-weight exercises that correspond to the economic principle: Maximal principle. And they result in absolutely great, defined arms, shoulders, neck and back. Injury-free and in absolutely no time at all.

Interval Training Experiences

Also tried with alternating intervals or different Set / Reps. You may know the classic 3x10 bodybuilding routine or 3x15 bodybuilding routine.
When after the first few months the first successes with power increase come, you start to experiment and try to crack plateaus and achieve new successes.

But since I never cared about a training plan or a training diary, was accordingly difficult to optimize or track or track. And the training takes an extremely long time. So much for split routines and the like.

Also, you really only know by meticulously keeping a training logbook or training diary and testing if you are producing results.

Constant experimentation doesn't really motivate either. It complicates the whole process of muscle building and noise growth through additional testing and unnecessary mental work. And most experienced trainers will know that this trying and testing often ends with trying to do several exercises for the same body area or muscle group. This in turn torpedoes regeneration, prolongs the recovery phase and delays successful muscle building. vicious circle!!!

Burpees, HIT(T) and Sprints

Hey, honestly. Sprints are not only excellent for nutritional physiological reasons, but also in general to bring your power, endurance and vitality MAXIMUM to the forefront in SHORTEST time. Therefore: Sprints, are a SUPER supplement .

But with all the HITT, Burpees, it's like all the self-weighting exercises: You'll get to plateaus FAST and you'll crack them WITHOUT gimmicks (headstands and the like 😉 ). Take the barbell, go to the power rack and read about the best training equipment and start pumping!

My 5x5 training experience

For me, training with heavy weights is an excellent balance to sitting work, I personally enjoy it, and it is very simple and very effective.

I find this training super easy to do, and super successful. You have only a few basic exercises:

  • deadlift
  • squats
  • overhead pressing
  • bench press
  • barbell rowing

Undergroups this perhaps with 1 or 2 additional auxiliary exercises such as pull-ups and sprints. READY! If you want mass, you eat more healthy food, if you want to lose weight, you eat a little less. See Nutrition.

Squeezing your own body weight out of its squatting position in a few weeks? To be able to pull 1.5x your own weight off the ground in a few weeks? To get an athletic figure in a few weeks? Terrific! These are my experiences with this simple, uncomplicated program!

And you, too, can do this!

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