Are you a 5x5 training beginner? Are you a weight training beginner? Then read now whether the 5x5 training is suitable for you! And get direct 5x5 training beginner tips.

It is often overlooked that the 5x5 training does not have its place exclusively in the field of bodybuilding!

It is suitable for the regular everyday athlete, but also for the strength training beginner, who is looking for a cheap, fast but also gentle way to build up fat-free muscle mass, without frustrating himself with numerous and unnecessary repetitions or complicated exercises and overstrain.

Even regular people, like me, normal people, can benefit from the hybrid possibility to achieve fat-free muscle mass and brutal increase in strength!

5x5 Training Beginner Tips

Often we are overwhelmed by wrong routines and too many exercises. Not only is our mind confused, but our body is also exhausted! We're being talked into bad or wrong genetics. Overly athletic cover models weaken one's self-confidence.

False social views, how slim or trained one should be, or the opposite, whether one is not too thin, can additionally block us.

But we are rarely told in the same way that we are too fat or have let ourselves go!

This would rather turn the bad light on people who themselves have a few pounds too much on their ribs. And should you ever make it to the gym, as a normal person you will succumb to the next unpleasant surprises.

A look over at the topic of social issues in the gym: Especially beginners are often intimidated by bigger guys in the gym and then prefer to spend time on cardio equipment or machine training.

Cardio (almost) does not help with weight loss and muscle building

Many try lose weight through cardio training.

However, in the rarest cases this is motivating in the long term, is often carried out too regularly and too often with too much intensity, and in this case is even counterproductive!

Instead of building fat-free muscle mass, the appetite is stimulated and the body practically screams for sugar and carbohydrates!

All this usually ends in a hamster wheel of hunger, eating and trying to burn fat or calories.

Besides, losing fat by burning calories is nonsense, but is often used to illustrate certain metabolic processes in the body.

The only thing that really helps you get a slim figure is:

  • healthy nourishment
  • build new muscles through regular proper training (5x5 training) and achieve a better metabolic rate and higher energy basal metabolic rate through more muscle mass
  • Combined with a slight (!!!) calorie deficit!

Strength training Risk of injury

Many strength training beginners show fear of training with heavy weights!


Strength training is the form of training with the lowest risk of injury if performed correctly!

Often the own ego is in the way!

Instead of learning the right movements with the empty and light bar, the student immediately tries to set up weights that are too heavy and to which the body is not accustomed. The whole thing is performed with a miserable form and represents a large and dangerous risk of injury.

You will then have several days of successful muscle soreness - which will then again prevent you from exercising regularly and accustoming your body to the intensity. The usual vicious circle of our "Give me the pill" society.

Start with light weights. Learn the right shape. Train regularly! As a 5x5 training beginner you're gonna want to do it right!

Muscle Building Machine Training

As mentioned before, once you have managed to go to a gym, you are often forced into machines by trainers (I have experienced this myself) and succumb to further unpleasant surprises.

If machines have their advantages and disadvantages, and as I see it, for gyms rather the advantage of inexpensive training equipment, and the possibility to squeeze more crowds into the studios, they are unsuitable for the masses of the general public, and hinder to bring the body into a new world class form!

And what is also not better: Often the intensity on the devices is much too low, so that practically no muscle growth is produced. Only unnecessary time is wasted and in the medium term motivation suffers.

Hand on your heart: You are NOT aware of HOW MUCH weight you really have to move with a machine to achieve the similar load of a barbell. Especially strength training beginners are insecure!

You don't think so? Try putting the weight of the leg press on your shoulders.

You still don't believe it? Then take the weight of the "Smith-Machine" (Multipress), put it on your shoulders, squeeze it out. Or try barbell bench press 🙂

Muscle building through machine training will present for most the danger of exercising unilaterally and poorly!

Very important: I am not fundamentally against equipment training!

In the hands of experienced people, a machine can trigger exclusive increases in muscle mass and strength for certain muscle groups!

A beginner in a machine either trains too easily, develops no strength, no muscle mass, and leaves the studio demotivated.

Or overtaxes himself by choosing the wrong weights, and overstrains joints and tendons in the body, and endangered by incorrect positions in the devices.

Strength Training Hardgainer

Strength training doesn't work? Strength training is labelled as "doesn't work for me", "I have bad genetics", and one prefers to sit on the bike and ride countless hours of stupid in the studio. But you as a 5x5 training beginner will do it right! I know that. I know that. I know it. I know it. I know it. I know it. I know it.

Strength training is fun

I didn't want to believe for myself that I would enjoy strength training with heavy weights!

Yes, it really is!

And you will also enjoy it when you feel and see the first results!

Because nothing goes faster to transform your body muscularly than to train with heavy weights and to optimize your diet. Ok: 3x weekly interval and sprint training would also work. But do you really only want thick thighs? I doubt that.

Strength training is easy

Additionally, unsettled by bodybuilding or fitness magazines, there is another fear of not knowing what the right thing to do is!

The 5x5 training gives clear guidelines, so that each time you know what you have to do and in which rhythm, in which distance, intensity, and also in which volume, so that you can complete the exercises with full satisfaction and self-confidence.

Whether you train at home, as I said, or whether you value the social environment of a gym is up to you.

The 5x5 training can make you a healthier, stronger and better looking person who feels wonderful in your body.

5x5 Training Advantage

The training not only gives you more self-confidence, but also more energy and vitality, which you can turn into increased productivity throughout the day.

In addition, strength training means that man also regularly works on himself and on his goals.

This trains you in the principles of success: to do something continuously and regularly, to set goals, to follow them, to be flexible in achieving goals!

Don't be afraid of the 5x5 training!

You start with light weights.

But already after a short and regular time, you will continuously crack your own best marks, build muscles, and achieve an enormous increase in strength.

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