Are there 5x5 training alternatives? Which 5x5 training alternative is suitable? How can you recognize unnecessarily complicated programs?

I have been informed in various international portals about other training programs, such as Mad Cows or Bill Stars 5x5 program, Wendler 5-3-1 Training, VDM Training - it was all too complicated for me.

  • I don't like 15 different exercises, I don't like keeping extremely complicated training books, I also don't like having to read through pages of instructions for simple things.

Why should this be necessary for strength training? You become successful if you do something regularly, continuously and with increasing results. This should also be the case for strength training, and not unnecessarily complicated!

Unfortunately, it is the case that people try to achieve a certain seriousness through the complexity of their training program. But here, too, this only torpedoes personal success.

Correct training requires only a few exercises, is carried out regularly, briefly and intensively and also takes sufficient regeneration time into account.

These programs all have one thing in them: They try to make the training complicated with UNCOUNTING exercises. Yoga-like, only to reach the smallest muscle.

And 90% of people don't want to become bodybuilders. They'll be looking for a simple program to run on a regular basis.

  • Let's be honest: you probably want to lose a few pounds. You want to build muscle fast, you want simple strength training. You want a beginner strength training, or you want to spend as little time as possible on an athletic muscular body, like I do lazy sock. There you can see my background as an economist again...

3x10 bodybuilding routine or 3x15 bodybuilding routine

Is suitable e.g. very well around To build volume. Disadvantage is the high expenditure of time, often also combined with isolation exercises. So I don't really see it as a 5X5 training alternative.

Stronglifts 5X5 as exception

Okay. Okay. There is ONE exception: Stronglifts 5x5. But, very important: This is basically nothing else than a 5x5 training with only the brand name "Stronglifts" in front of it, some support by a forum and a few extra exercises.



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