Does 5x5 training have advantages over other training methods? Is strength training healthy? Can strength training help your health? Strength training is a fast and excellent way to increase your physical fitness level and achieve a better general well-being.

5x5 Training Advantages

What strength training according to the 5x5 training method brings with it:

How Strength Training Can Generate Muscle Growth

By training with heavy weights, it is possible to build up fat-free muscle mass even with allegedly bad genetics.

How Can 5x5 Training Generate Muscle Growth

The 5x5 training is a hybrid training form, which combines muscle growth with strength increase. So you have the advantage of looking good, combined with the advantage of being strong! Nothing is more embarrassing than the thin asparagus that squeezes more weight out of the squat next to you in the gym than you. Or the shower showdown, where you lose the six-pack challenge every time... because you can't keep your hands off the Junkfood Weight Gainer... Or still embarrassing... Captain America, who has once again saved himself the leg training.

Loss of unnecessary body fat:

  • By training with heavy weights you increase your fat-free muscle mass. You improve your metabolism, take care of a healthy diet, and eat healthier food. You live longer, healthier. And stronger!

Through this combination of regular training and a healthy diet, you can lose unnecessary pounds within a few weeks!

Overall health improved:

  • 5x5 strength training is an excellent way to increase bone density, improve your metabolism, increase endurance, strengthen joints and tendons, and, according to the latest scientific studies, blood pressure and to lower cholesterol levels.

The advantages of 5x5 training

Summary: With the 5x5 training you can:

  • Improve your own health.
  • Gently lose weight.
  • Achieve a higher level of well-being.
  • Achieve fun in physical training by achieving regular success.
  • Build muscle mass.
  • Grow a six pack (or get healthy shrunk!) WITHOUT having to do 99 different abdominal muscle exercises with 909 repetitions.
  • Reach your dream weight.
  • Build self-confidence.

Quite different from the boring training on cardio machines - on which I had desperately tried to lose my superfluous kilograms.

5x5 training is cheap

You don't really need a gym, you just need a barbell bar, weights, and a rack to do all the exercises (5x5 training equipment).

The training is simple

At the time I discovered the 5x5 training for myself, I was also confused by numerous routines, repetitions, and finding the right volume and intensity for me!

You know it for a fact: you are in the gym, bombarded with 27 different exercises for the biceps and are simply confused for weeks...

The training is short and intensive

Your training already takes far too long anyway, you are three times a week for 1.5 hours in the gym, plus a trip there, plus showers, and your other private life suffers? The 5x5 method takes about 30 minutes per training session. And you can train at home!

So you see the 5x5 strength training advantages clearly on your hand!

With the 5x5 training you can achieve very successfully brutal power increase, in which you and train them at home!

There are countless examples of home base training / bodybuilding in the English language area, and successful bodybuilders trained in the garage at the beginning.

You don't have to rely on the times of a studio, nor do you have to pay high monthly fees.

Whole body exercises are used:

  • These increase the training success, shorten the training duration, and optimize the results of the strength training!

If you are fast, you can finish a workout with 20-30 minutes.

You only need 5 basic exercises

In practice, you only have to remember five exercises and two different training sessions that follow each other. Quite different from the usual 95-exercise programs, which are completed every day of the week, with 3.5 hours of training time (sarcasm! But unfortunately reality...).

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