Gloves, Straps, Belts

Personally, I find gloves very practical, as they distribute the pressure of the bar more evenly on the hands.

And there's no calluses on the hands, it gets better with the girls.

And if you ever pinch your fingers between the windows, it won't hurt so bad.

Some say that gloves should be avoided during exercises such as crucifix lifting, as they can change the diameter of the grip and reduce the force in the hands.

But some gloves are really very thick from the padding.

But you have to test it yourself...

grip aids

Straps should not be used at the beginning, if at all then only talcum powder.

Weight lifting belts should also not be used in the initial phase because there is a danger that abdominal and back muscles could be weakened.

In advanced training, however, these aids can be suitable if you want to get the most out of the exercises at short notice.

I would try to come up as long as possible without any aids, and if only for individual exercises, to use them on a short-term and sporadic basis.

But grip aids are ingenious if you want to test the maximum of an exercise.

Especially with the crucifix lift you can already achieve a lot. For the regular 5x5 workout I use but helps very rarely. Please don't do it permanently.



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