Now discover the secret behind the 5x5 method! The secret of the 5x5 method is not the number of repetitions!

I'm sure you could also achieve the same or similar results with a 3x5 workout, or with a 1x5 workout. Only the process would take longer... (sentences x repetitions). The 5x5 method is presented as a framework, a work of ideas, and even a philosophy that will teach you the methods of regular training.

In addition, you subconsciously learn the principles of success: regular and continuous work and results!

But the 5x5 method is actually quite old!

The history of the 5x5 method

The 5x5 method has been around for years, but it is more popular in the field of bodybuilding.

Originally the whole thing can be traced back to the 60s, and to the first professional bodybuilders who achieved their great results with it: Reg Park, and also Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Even the first human, Doug Hepburn, who managed to do 500 pounds of bench press, used the 5x5 training for his grandiose results!

Who has now brought the 5x5 method in the past to others in the present, is difficult to understand.

Of course, this number of sets and reps raises skeptical questions: There are no isolation exercises, there are no biceps curls, there is no rope pull for deltoids.... If you can lift ¾ of your body weight over your head, believe me, you will see your trapeze on your back...

Heavy knee bends

In 5x5 training you will perform heavy knee bends two to three times a week!

This is not primarily due to strengthening your upper or lower leg muscles.

Crucifixion and squats, performed with heavy weights, are healthy exercises that produce the largest hormonal output of your body, and the strongest reaction of your Central nervous system reach.

But it is also important to know about this:

More is not better here!

Due to the strong intensity, properly executed, the body also needs some time to perform an adaptive response to the stress.

To cut a long story short: Train a maximum of three times a week!

Later on you will probably switch to a slightly different protocol.

Either the advanced 3x5 protocol, or just train twice a week.

The 5x5 method does not stand for the training with 5x5 repetitions in the first sight, but should stand for the regular training with whole body exercises, which leads you step by step through a progressive loading of the weights to a new top form!

What makes the method so successful is that it has been used successfully in weight training for over 60 years.

Numerous thousands of success stories, professional bodybuilders and professional strength athletes show that it works!

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